Siden Delivers More Relevant Entertainment to Passengers by Expanding the Capacity of Access Networks

Intelligent Edge Caching

Siden uses predictive analytics to cache relevant content at the network edge. By using intelligent caching, Siden simultaneously expands the capacity of underlying networks without requiring additional operational expense while enabling a better end-user experience by increasing the size and quality of content catalogs.

Automated Deliveries

Siden eliminates the need for physical delivery of entertainment (i.e., sneaker-net) by automatically sending content to edge caches whenever access networks have excess capacity

Network Agnostic

Siden’s IP content distribution architecture is network agnostic and interfaces across the physical network cross-layer. Its flexible excess capacity monitoring system can leverage both multicast & broadcast capabilities of networks.

Loyalty Program Tie-In

Siden can work with existing partner loyalty programs to personalize seat-back and personal device experiences and reward loyal customers

Low-Touch Software Integration

Siden is a global cloud solution requiring just one integration. Our proprietary distribution platform is scalable and software-defined, enabling deployment for all use cases.

Data Optimization

Siden’s intelligent system allows partners to prioritize the data most important to both operations and passengers while making live adjustments based on real-time feedback