Modernize In-flight Entertainment

Siden enables airlines to bring a ‘living-room’
experience to the seat-back

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Eliminate the Physical Delivery of Hard-Drives

Siden wirelessly delivers entertainment more quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly wherever planes are located, including in the air

Provide the Entertainment Passengers Expect

Siden simplifies the entertainment refresh cycle through automation, while also enabling airlines to offer new personalized entertainment options, including streaming OTT video, modern IPTV, and FAST

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Utilize Existing Infrastructure

Siden does not require new integrations or retrofits; we can work with existing IFE systems, CSPs, and satcom and LTE/5G networks

Optimize Spend with Real-Time Analytics

Siden provides real-time visibility into the exact status of entertainment assets, including playback and usage analytics, availability and upcoming expirations, and personalization and recommendations. Airlines can use this information to make data-driven decisions to maximize usage and optimize spend.