Siden Supports All Types of Entertainment

Current Content Providers

Siden works with the existing content ecosystem (IFC, IFE, CSP) to deliver studio-licensed content in a more efficient and effective manner

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Streaming OTT Video

Siden works with studios and OTT streaming platforms to offer end-users more of the highest-quality video entertainment without buffering or lags

SVTA Compliant

Modern IPTV

Siden works with satellites to deliver channels only when requested by passengers, instead of broadcasting the entire channel lineup to every passenger. By waiting for passengers to request channels before delivering, Siden frees capacity for other data traffic, including a broader range of live channels, while creating a better overall user experience.

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FAST & Ad-Supported Video

Siden works with FAST operators to enable free, ad-supported, programmed linear video for a lean-back viewing experience. FAST can help turn a cost center into a revenue generator by enabling dynamic ad insertion.


Immersive Entertainment

Siden can work with current and upcoming immersive formats including UHD, 4K/8K, and interactive gaming to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience to passengers

Other Bandwidth-Intensive Data

Siden can also optimize delivery of non-entertainment content, including software updates and in-flight data to better utilize network resources