Siden Supports All Content

Siden works with all video content, including licensed VOD, SVOD, AVOD, FAST, and IPTV, and non-video content, including games, audio, and operational data, to pre-position relevant content closer to the playback device for less buffering and a better user experience.

Content Optimization

Siden maximizes the value of content budgets by efficiently delivering personalized content

  • Siden prioritizes delivery of the most watched video assets and intelligently caches the most important aspects of the video data package to create efficiencies
  • Siden prepositions content to the cache based on target audiences, moving content to the ultimate edge before it is requested

Special Focus: IPTV over Satcom

Siden’s smart multicast control capability optimizes precious satcom resources to clear the way for other traffic, while also enabling our partners to offer a broader range of live TV channels to their users

  • Instead of using an always-on model, Siden waits for a user to request a channel before consuming valuable network resources
  • This frees capacity for other data traffic and creates a better overall experience